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NWWP - Network World Wide Projects

Within the frames of the EXPO 2000 world fair in Hannover/Germany, the "World Wide Projects" programme was presented to the public for the first time. The idea to bring together more than 700 exemplary projects from all over the world and to present their initiatives to a broad public has proved to be a great success for the movement of the organised civil society.

Individual projects from the programme already joined forces during the EXPO and founded the NWWP initiative in order to further develop their capital of experience and communication processes and to make it available to others as well as to further promote it with the help of additional partners. On this base, especially innovations in welfare-related, social and ecological areas shall be further distributed and supported.

NWWP was formed in the beginning of 2001 as a non-profit-organisation and sees itself as a successor organisation of the "World Wide Projects" programme. NWWP takes up and continues the impulse given by the "Global Dialogue" conferences that developed within the frames of the EXPO 2000. Already there, 100 international organisations were brought together with the aim to give them a voice that would be heard. NWWP wants to further develop this network of organisations, gain new partners and serve as a platform on which the acting persons and their projects are in the centre of attention. The diversity of the people and their concepts shall find respect and shall be expressed in encounters between equal partners.

NWWP acts independently from political parties and its activities exclusively serve the public benefit with a focus on issues from the fields of environmental protection, development, peace-keeping and human rights as well as the overcoming of poverty and the democratisation of global processes. NWWP finds its principle in an effort for lasting results and sustainability as it is stated in the resolutions of the major conferences held in recent years (e.g. Earth Charter, We The People Declaration, Habitat Istanbul, Earth Summit Rio 92).

What exactly does NWWP ?

  • Distribution and provision of access to the experience and knowledge pool of the participating organisations and their projects.
  • Mediation of financial and media support for projects.
  • Finding people who are interested in projects (e.g. pupils, students, scholarship holders)
  • Mediation of appropriate projects to donators, sponsors, foundations, funds and businesses that want to practice their share of social responsibility this way.
  • Extension of the central Internet platform (www.nwwp.org).
  • Organisation of further "Global Dialogue" conferences together with other partner organisations.
  • Installation of further contact points ("nodes") in different countries to enable the approach to the organisation in the respective country's language.
  • We like to admit new projects!

Office and contact:

NWWP - Network World Wide Projects e.V.
(Reg. Nr. VR 7829 AG Hannover)
Ostendstrasse 106
D - 70188 Stuttgart
Tel. 0049 - (0)711 - 46 00 632
Fax: 0049 - (0)711 - 48 74 69
e-mail: info@nwwp.de
Internet: www.nwwp.de
Webmaster: g.siegwart@wd-team.de

Donations account:

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank ( Bochum, Hamburg, Stuttgart )
Network World Wide Projects
Konto Nr. 743 349 00
BLZ: 430 609 67

Executive Committee:

Gertrud Kreuter
Simone Iltgen
Suley Loewe
Volker Hann
Jens Loewe